Wednesday, March 26, 2014

.: Little Milestones :.

Sometimes, it is only good for one's soul to take a breather and celebrate little milestones achieved. I feel that on my part, I often neglect to acknowledge and give a proverbial pat on my back and say "job well done" when a task is completed or a goal is achieved

Yesterday, the husband and I "celebrated" the achievement of this little milestone, one where we concluded the financial obligations of Project Castle, hence grouping it with Project Casa.

We still have No-Name Project, which is dear to my heart, because that's the first property we purchased 6 years back. And then there's of course Project Turf & Project Greenfield, but which one of it is under DIBS, so it doesnt warrant any obligations til 2 years down the road.

Our new goal set, if Project Wallaby kicks in, is to get one abroad.

But if Project Wallaby doesn't work out for us, then we will also grab another one (or two) here in the near future.

So for now, its two down and three to go.

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