Tuesday, November 19, 2013

.: Scenes From A Movie :.

Girl crosses the busy streets at night. Im haste of avoiding fast approaching traffic, her bright orange left sandal slipped out and was left in the middle of the street. Girl could only wait at the opposite end as traffic was approaching.  Boy from the opposite direction witnessed the whole incident, and with charming chivalry,  rescued the ill-fated sandal from incoming vehicles and brought it into the hand (or shall I say feet, in this instances) of the damsel in distress.

Sounds like a scene from a good ol' romantic movie.

Grateful and appreciative girl thank hero for his deed. Friendly, brief chats were exchanged; but not phone number. Reckon is a wise thing for girl to do, so perhaps the brief encounter of boy and girl will be just be what it will be; a brief encounter.

But I couldn't help but have this feel-good feeling that perhaps, no matter how remote the likelihood be; that this could potentially be the beginning of something. Something magical. Oh well.....

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