Wednesday, July 24, 2013

.: Hola & Ciao :.

G'day y'all.

I know, its been quite a while, since the last post, which also started with "it's been quite a while". The long gap between post only means that I do not have the time to spare, or that my mind is to blocked up to think of anything to type, or that I'm just lazy or a combination of each.

I have been on, yet again, another emotional roller coaster rides. So much so that I am so immune to such spells and I just know it's a matter of weeks before I come out, alive yet again, from this phase. I blame it on the hormones, or alike to that. Whatever.

It's nice to be back home now, waiting for my all-time-current-favourite-series "Suits" to download so that the Husband and I could watch it later on (not thanks the the slow internet speed). The Husband is on a long week break, so he is pretty much lazing around at home, but most unfortunately, like most weekdays, I already have my nights for the week planned out - meeting with old time friends, movie dates with other friends, birthday celebrations and company's buka puasa events. So, even tho the Husband has more time to spare this week, I have none on my end to spare. 

But I am so glad we took a short vacation on Friday up the hills to Cameron, in spite of my busy schedule. I love the cool and fresh air, and we pretty much took our leisure time up there, catching up with each other, reading a book and enjoy the fresh air and vegetables and strawberries. 

I have so much bottled up, as usual, but just can't express anything in words right now. So I'd prolly sleep it thru and hopefully all negative thoughts will subside and be replaced with new, happy thoughts.

Til the next time I type again,


goingkookies said...

Hey girl,

sounds like you are going through some icky situation... hope things pan out ok in the end and all will be well for you soon.

*hugs* for the time till you reach your happy place

Kathlynn said...

pretty much the same ol same ol cycle.

still in search of my happy place.

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