Tuesday, April 23, 2013

.: The Lifestyle Circle KL (TLCKL) :.

I was one of the privileged 15 to have attended the first The Lifestyle Circle KL (TLCKL) hosted by Bioinfinity & It was just for women filled with fun events such as beauty demos, health talks, dance sessions filled with prizes and goodies to be won.

I arrived early at the venue, Paradox Art Cafe a cozy lil place at The Oasis, Tingkat Bandar Utama (just a stone throw away from One Utama). I love the ambiance of the place, a great place to sit and chill in the morning, or hang out with your girlies at night - there's a small stage for unplug performances.

Anyways, upon registration, we got our first goodies bag (yes, there's many more goodies bag to come), wrote our resolution as a woman for the year and then headed over for some light finger-food breakfast of sandwiches, cakes, coffee and tea at a designation "hall".

The event started with a short introduction by a very delightfully sweet emcee, Elfie Jane.

She then begin to introduce us to Jayne, Marketing Manager from Bioinfinity who will then gave a short talk about "Sexy Stuff with Bioinfinity". Jayne did a great job in explaining and educating most of us on the importance of having strong pelvic floor muscle and how the Vibrance Kegel Device (VKD) by Bioinfinity will help women achieve just that. Should you be interested to know more about this, you may read from their webpage here.

After the serious educational talk about our much-ignored pelvic mucles, we lighten the mood by learning this new dance move called Dance N' Attitude, also known as DNA. We unleashed the Pussycat dolls in all of us when the very sexy Baby G from Celebrity Fitness taught us some really seductive dance moves. They don't call it DNA Seduce for nothing! It was a fun forty minutes workout as we tried out those moves and I must admit that tho Baby G does the move so effordlessly, I am just born with two left feets and stiff backs. It was a good, sweaty workout nonetheless!

After some cooling down time, we proceed with the next event which is beauty tips and tricks by Evie with the theme ingredient - honey. We prepared Oatmeal Mask (oatmeal + yogurt + honey), Honey Lip Scrub (brown sugar + honey) & my personal favourite Banana-Choc Hand Treatment (bananas + cocoa powder + olive oil + honey). What I love about this beauty tips lesson is that firstly, we are using natural ingredients and secondly, these ingredients are readily and easily available. It was good to 'play' with our food and beautifying ourselves at the same time!

The next event was a skit blitz where the participants of the day was divided into groups of five and come out with a short skit (be it a song, poem, skit) using the 10 keywords handed out to us. We brainstormed and went first (I was in Team 1). After watching the other four teams performed, I knew our chance to win was very slim because the other groups did a fantastic job. It was hilarious and entertaining all in one. All is not lose tho, we did get a RM50 Villa Manja spa voucher each!

As all of us were famished from the all the dancing and all the skit, we proceed to have lunch prepared by The Paradox Cafe. The spread of lunch was lovely; garden salad with spicy dressing, pasta, roasted lamb, chicken sausage, fried popcorn chicken and fluffy mashed potatoes. We gobbled down our food while we watched a special never-seen-by-public-including-medias screening of I Eat KL, a romantic drama comedy of three women, Sabrina, Kiki & Meg, set in the heart of KL (duh!). The series revolve around friendships, relationships, fashion (spotted a gorgeous Sereni & Shentel) and of course - food! 

Honey Ahmad, from Fried Chilies Food Network introduced to us herself and the show (which I absolutely love, btw) and I can't wait to catch it on HyppTV in April!

The event ended with yet another (this time in a nice PINK) goodies bag filled with loads of stuff which I absolutely am delighted with. Oh, another thing to note, Fried Chillies have recently published the #1 Issue of their free handbag-sized booklet called "Makan" (and it's FREE!). I flipped thru the articles and I am surprised to see that my favourite cencaluk being featured! I miss my fresh geragau that my grandma use to get nearby her crib in Klebang. Such nostalgic memories...... I digress.

Anyhows, it was an absolutely fun morning and I had a great time. I hope that I'd be invited back to the second TLCKL, really am looking forward to it! :)

(pics updated later, if ever)

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