Friday, September 7, 2012

.: Hurting Distance : Sophie Hannah :.

So, if you have not already known, I have gotten my reading mojo back! I have recently covered close to about 8 books within a span of one month (that's two books a week if you're bad at maths, jus' sayin' *cheeky smile*). 

And because Bridget is challenging herself to complete 52 books by end of the year i.e. #52booksin52weeks, I took that as a personal challenge as well #challengeaccepted

I must say that because of my recent job change, I have been able to spare some time in the mornings before work to read a couple of chapters and sneak in a few more pages during lunchtime. You see, due to logistics (which I care not to elaborate, unless you ask me personally), I have to be in office before 7am. And because works officially starts at 8am, that's a whopping one hour plus to: 
1) get my coffee from the pantry
2) check for facebook update
3) read a book

Anyways, to cut to a long post short, I was reading this novel Hurting Distance and I absolutely loved it that I had to recommend it to all you out there. You see, the first few chapters of this book was a-okay, but midway, the climax was so intense that I was reluctant to put the book down when my lunchtime was over. So much so that at 5 sharp, I took my novel out from my drawer and shameless read away. As most of my colleagues already left the office, and I didn't wanna stay alone, I went to my car and continue reading it til it reach a bearable anticlimax-near-ending. That's almost 20 mins in the car. I know. I'm nuts. The husband pretends to understand as he called and asked me where I was, and I explained to him my predicament and abruptly hang up the phone to continue reading. Yes, he married a nut, pity him.

Anyways, this is the second book of Sophie Hannah's psychology thriller. I recalled reading her first of the series, Little Face. I remembered it to be good, but not memorable enough so much that I would select another novel from said author. But this book definitely got my attention, and I will be on a look out for more of Sophie's novel in my next visit to the library.

Extract of synopsis :

Three years ago, something terrible happened to Naomi Jenkins – so terrible that she never told anybody.
Now, Naomi has another secret: the man she has fallen passionately in love with, unhappily married Robert Haworth. When Robert vanishes without warning or explanation, Naomi knows he must have come to harm. But the police are less convinced, particularly when Robert’s wife insists he is not missing.
In desperation, Naomi has an idea. If she can’t persuade the police that Robert is in danger, perhaps she can convince them that he is a danger to others. Then they will have to look for him – urgently. Naomi knows how to describe in detail the actions of a psychopath. All she needs to do is dig up her own traumatic past…

Bear in mind tho, this is not for the faint hearted. There's a few graphic and disturbing descriptions which may or may not be too much, especially for a young reader, so read at own discretion. 

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