Friday, March 16, 2012

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog on the recipes that I have tried & tested.

I have a couple of pics stored in my DSLR, but the lazy bone in me has grown so big than it was before that I… well, I am just plain lazy (I am too lazy to even come out with an excuse for my laziness)

Anyways, I suppose the post-worthy recipes would include
1)      Leg of lamb – a simple marinate-and-roast recipe that I have tried over the Chinese New Year. The family loved it. The friends were impressed that I manage to conjure up something like that (tho it’s really pretty simple – just marinate & roast). Will find time to post it, I hope.
2)      With the leftover lamb meat from the above 1), I whipped up a very simple yet satisfying Mexican dish - fajitas. Really simple to prepare – the meat & some cutting up of the sides. Easy peasy! Again, will find time to post the recipe up!

This weekend, I am gonna try some Greek cuisine (and a lil bit of mix in between) .
Starters would be a selection of dips together with pita bread, focaccia bread (that we got from Ben’s General Grocer in Publika), carrot stick, cucumber stick, celery stick, blanched broccoli & nachos
Mains would be grilled yogurt and mint chicken served with tzatziki sauce and some pork sausages (again, got that from Ben’s General Grocer)
And since it’s my mom’s birthday, I got her a jumbo cupcake from Bisou (many thanks to TimeoutKL for the complimentary jumbo cupcake!)

So hopefully this weekend cookout would look like this :

Taken from my Eat, Drink & Be Merry Pinterest board

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Bubble My Licorice said...

amazing post :)
Those food seem sooo tasty!

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