Monday, January 23, 2012

.: Keeping Faith :.

Involuntarily, she recalls the Sunday-school legend of King Solomon. When two women claimed they were both mother of one baby, he suggested cutting the infant in half with a sword, to discover which parent would relinquish her claim on the child rather than see it hurt. Textbook wisdom: problem solved, and no drop of blood shed. But that was just a story. In the real world, often both parents were completely worthy, or completely unworthy. In the real world, there were mitigating circumstances. In the real world, children were often the ones who swept up the messes their parents had left behind.

Jodi Picoult - Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith is about a little girl who, in the wake of a family crisis, develops an imaginary friend who turns out to be God. And female. In this chapter, Faith and her mother Mariah realize that their lives are about to change: a cult takes up residence on the front lawn to uphold Faith as the new Messiah; and a Winnebago arrives bearing the infamous Ian Fletcher, an athiest with a television pulpit, who's come to prove that Faith is a hoax. But then she works a miracle…

Sidenote : Characters of Ian, Mariah & Faith in this novel makes an appearance in Jodi's other novel called Change Of Heart.

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