Wednesday, February 13, 2008

.: Be My Valentine :.

You know that Valentine Day is just by the corner when :

  • Exceptionally big bouquets of flowers and balloons outside the florist shops

  • Chocolates & teddy bear displayed with an extra pricey price tag attached

  • Old couples already wearing Couple T-shirts (they look so cute in them)

  • Advertisements of Valentines Day on TVs, radios and billboards

  • Restaurants with their “V-Day Special Menu Sets”

  • Last minute shopping for V-Day gifts for loved ones

  • Reminder on your browser that it's your "last chance" to order flowers online now

  • TV shows of ol' corny movies

  • And you get sucked into all this mushy-dovey stuff and wish that you too can be a part of this....

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine Day!

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